The Tale of the Christmas Crook

A premier Nordic/Scandinavian Christmas musical for all ages. Since its first production in 2000, the Tale of the Christmas Crook ( has become an exciting Christmas tradition for the whole family, with a successful run including ten record productions at Drammens Teater, selling more than 90 percent of capacity, and productions at several other locations in Norway and Sweden.

Since an unfortunate evening in 1902 a truly bad, lazy, but street-smart crook has threatened Santa and his helper. 

«It is the night before Christmas, and Santa’s toymakers are working hard to get everything ready for Santa`s sleigh. The supervisor of the toymakers is acting suspiciously calm and does not contribute much to finish the work. He claims to be working hard after everyone else have gone to bed. Everyone is amazed and puzzled – even suspicious when he – year after year – gets his work finished in time. 

The Crook of Cristmas` secret is of course dark, and against all that Christmas stands for. He is in fact an outright criminal. Due to a stronghold on Santa`s personal chimney sweep he gets help to raid homes and houses the night before Christmas. He even «borrows» Rudolph & Co for his worldwide raid. The loot is used to fill Santa`s sleigh with enough presents for children all over.

This time, though, the Crook gets sloppy – resulting in Santa being arrested for handing out stolen goods and ending up in prison. A situation that finally convinces the chimney sweep to put it all on the table and tell the truth about one hundred plus years of pressure and looting. 

The quest to catch the Christmas Crook will, however, prove not to be an easy task. A couple of real heroes prevail at last, with young Ingrid in front.

The tales of the Christmas Crook includes a fully available soundtrack and ten songs/show numbers performances by the cast. 

The script and story open for a flexible cast and includes roles for all ages.